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Lands of Lore 3 Kingdom

Lands of Lore Kingdom, originally called Lands of Lore 3 Kingdom, was the first Lands of Lore 3 fan site. Through time it has featured exclusive interviews and updated news and information. The website also features information and downloads about Lands of Lore 1 and Lands of Lore 2.

Dune Games Resource

Dune Games Resource has always been one of the finest resources for Dune 2000 related stuff. Besides all the normal stuff a Dune 2000 site must feature it has tons of Dune 2000 related 3D rendered graphics, winamp skins, iconpacks, startup/closedown themes and so I could continue.

Computer Game Player (in short CGP) covers PC computer and console video games. This includes all kinds of games including simulation, real time strategy (RTS), shooters and role playing games (RPG). However, we do have a special interest in games and franchises that have stood the test of time to become game classics.

Computer Game Player is a network of video games related websites each focusing on covering its own game. Examples include game series such as Dune (RTS) and Lands of Lore (RPG).

While we are still setting up and moving our old websites to CPG, we are always on the lookout for other gaming websites covering old games for the PC and consoles. If you own a website covering an old computer game, and you want to give it a permanent home here, please contact us.

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